We are dedicated to creating real and valued employment for people with disability, through a network of working environmental project teams.

'The Spirit of Inclusion'

Real Meaningful Work

We support people with disability, helping them to hold real jobs and become empowered. Jobs with Bushlink develop self-respect, a high degree of pride and a sense of self-worth. As a result, our employees have a fantastic work ethic and a high attendance rate.

Respect and Inclusion

Students from the many schools with which we work develop pride in their school grounds, reflecting the reputation and values of their school… but that’s not all. Working with Bushlink reinforces an amazing culture of inclusion that nurtures, increases and maintains a student’s respect for people with disability. Those who work with us (from students to corporate volunteers) remark on the highly memorable experiences and on building connections that can be life changing.

Respect for our Environment

At the same time, we are focused on improving the resilience of the Australian bushland, enhancing natural areas and restoring our natural habitats. Take virtually any unkempt natural area and we’ll create a wonderful usable outdoor space (from natural bushland to kitchen gardens). We find this direct contact with nature has a hugely positive physiological impact on everyone – contributing to lifelong happiness.

Bushlink is proudly operated by Northside Enterprise Incorporated

Northside Enterprise Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation, highly regarded for its long-standing services and support for people with disability.