Bushlink teams to trial Plain English Training Workbooks thanks to the Northern Beaches Council

Opportunity to increase the skills base of our Bushlink teams thanks to Mounties Group – Harbord Diggers.
August 12, 2016
Green thumbs up for Bushlink
September 14, 2016

In any industry, it is essential to have skilled and trained workers. Due to a lack of relevant training material available for people with intellectual disability undertaking work in the bush regeneration industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to fill a need and develop valuable training resources for our Bushlink teams.

We have written a Plain English Training Workbook which covers content relevant to bush regeneration and conservation as well as working in teams, working safely and promoting excellence.

This grant funding will allow us to run a series of workshops for current Bushlink team members, during wet weather, using and testing out the newly developed training manual.

With feedback from current Bushlink teams and the facilitators we will be able to ‘fine tune’ the content and activities within the training manual for current and future team members.

We sincerely thank the Northern Beaches Council for supporting this project.